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Founding the best high class escort agency

As 'high class' is the name for the top segment in the industry, which term is applicable when you have an agency that concerns the superlative? I still haven't figured it out yet.

For now I think Upclass International can most appropriately be described as the best high class escort agency in Netherlands. By 'best', defining this as the most engaged service, real and sincere beautiful ladies and personalized possibilities. Not the biggest, not the best known, but the best. The new term for this will come up somehow...

Escort agency Upclass International: on a different level all together

What is the superlative then? And why do I want this escort agency instead of something easier and with faster pay off in the short term?
With a background in business, catering, hospitality and social care, in a diversity of organizations I've always held a couple of points as the highest priority: optimal interaction with people, always thinking in terms of the entire customer experience, and a branding that fits what is actually being delivered.

With those points in mind, I started high class escort agency Upclass International.
Then if you start something, I believe that you shouldn't fall into the status quo of the industry and be tempted to make concessions because 'that's just how it works '. Therefore I started Upclass International with the mission to become and remain the best high class escort agency, on the basis of the following focus points:

  • The agency with the best range of classy ladies.
  • Where service isn't a marketing term, but actually the foundation.
  • Where the needs of one specific customer are the centre of attention at that particular time, not being guided by the average of multiple clients.
  • Where advice and honesty are just as important as patience and understanding.
  • Where there is focus on serving a limited number of customers to complete satisfaction, instead of running on the masses with loss of quality.
  • The agency which communication is the most friendly, warm and involved.
  • And a look that represents all that, both online and offline.

Those focus points, always completely in order; not occasionally, not often, no ALWAYS.

Up and running: the results so far

After an initial period of about a year to obtain permits, developing my ideas, development of the website and the casting of the first ladies, I finally was able to launch Upclass International on January 1, 2014.
The reactions of both ladies and clients are in one word fantastic!
Of course I hoped that others would appreciate the way I perceived it needed to be, but I hadn't counted on this many positive reactions. The best compliment to this is the fact that all customers who have made a booking now are returning customers. Even men who have a booking planned but not yet experienced, indicate that already in the preliminary stages while discussing the requirements and details, they have not yet experienced such a pleasant service from other agencies. See, that's the reason why I do this!

And what's next....?

Now it's important to maintain optimal quality while we grow. Grow in a manageable way. I'd just rather be the best than the biggest. And we must continue to do things better and smarter than other escort agencies. Never settle for the status quo. Feedback of customers and ladies is always essential, so if you have tips or comments, I would greatly appreciate it if you would contact me!

And as for the name for our different level: maybe in a while 'Upclass' will just be the new term to refer to the superlative. From High Class to Upclass. Has a ring to it...

Warm regards,

Owner of Upclass International


Our clients say

  • “Upclass is truly focused on their service, the owner is doing a wonderful job making sure everything is arranged as agreed, without being inflexible”

    Mark, NYC, USA

  • “After having a first time experience with booking an escort, I'm hooked! Thank you Mijanou for matching me with Sanne, she truly is an incredible woman”

    Anonymous, Marseille, FR

  • “My wife and I adored being with Liss; it was truly a perfect match and we'll definitely book again”

    Anonymous, Manchester, UK

  • “Owner takes her time to advise me, which I appreciate. Very honest company with sincere ladies. Had four dates until now, I liked Isa best; she has the perfect body for me”

    Karl, München, DE

  • “Number one agency in my opinion. When in Amsterdam I always book with Upclass; best service and most genuine ladies I've experienced so far”

    Adam, London, UK

  • “Gentlemen look no further. Booked a date with Sanne last month which turned out to be the best time of my life. Sanne is absolutely stunning and the ultimate GFE. Everything arranged by Mijanou with no hassle and eye for detail. Upclass International is THE escort agency for me.”

    Anonymous, NYC, USA

  • “I never feel 'treated like a number' at Upclass. Mijanou always goes the extra mile to make sure every date is a great experience from matchmaking with the perfect lady, suggesting restaurants and other activities, and more. I will definitely book again.”

    Anonymous, USA

  • “If you are in Amsterdam I highly recommend checking out Upclass International. Valerie and Rose will take great care of you. Together these two were a sight to behold. ”

    L., USA

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