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Mr Porter Steakhouse: finally an extra choice in Amsterdam for late eaters who enjoy quality

nov 8, 2015
Often I get the question in which restaurant in Amsterdam you're able to eat a tasty meal later in the evening. Surprisingly for what you woudl think about Amsterdam, that question is quite difficult to answer, because there aren't that many places with a kitchen that is open late, has a nice atmosphere and is tastefull, without being surrounded by drunk students in a pizzaria or shoarmabar. Untill now my tips where Castell or Red, and that's it. Fortunately we have a lovely new addition tot hat short list: Mr Porter Steakhouse.
From Thursday till Sunday their kitchen is open till 23.30. The restaurant is located in the freshly opened W- Hotel at the Spuistraat, and belongs to The Entourage Group. Although I'm not that enthousiastic about the food experience at other restaurants in that group (Momo, Izakaya), it's a really different experience at Mr Porter. Last Thuesday I went for dinner and it was great. I'm a meat eater and in that way Mr Porters' menu fits me like a glove, but still they managed to surprise me positively, even though I've experienced quite some steaks when dining out. The setting is cosmopolitan in it's looks, with besides the focus on the food also focus on the cocktail bar, with a rooftop experience due to the view over the city. The atmosphere is neither formal nor informal: visitors make efforts to look good and the settings feels stylish, but it is certainly not stiff.
Making a reservation at least one week in advance is advised in November: due to their recent opening it's a popular place to go. Naturally we're able to advise if Mr Porter will be the desired setting for your date and we can arrange reservations.

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