Working as High Class Escort 

A lot of women fantasize about how it would be like to be a high- class escort lady. Apart from the high earnings in terms of money, it's the overall excitement that comes with the profession that our companions say to be the reason for doing this.

We are convinced we can offer you a very interesting opportunity to work with us. Our clientele is from a higher standard than the usual escort clientele; they are interesting gentlemen who are enjoyable to be with and treat women respectfully and are often from abroad. This results in an enjoyable working situation complemented with very good financial earnings. Besides that, Upclass International is founded, owned and managed by a female, with the personal and social aspects of life always being kept in mind.

Are you a classy, attractive young woman who is interested in people and the world as a whole? Do you enjoy pleasing and being pleased both physically and mentally? Than we might have the right job for you. Please consider the following aspects of being a high- class escort and being represented by Upclass International.

Your characteristics and our considerations

Looks and character

Sexiness is something that is not just how you look in terms of beauty, but more in how you carry yourself and in the effect you have on the people you meet. It's a combination of looks, character and style that makes you an Upclass International companion. In general we are looking for women that are between 21 and 45 years, have a figure that is well proportioned, take good care of themselves, have a sparkling personality that intrigues people, and are interested in the world and other people. Do not feel insecure whether you qualify in terms of looks and character; you can fill in the application form, upload pictures and we can have a casual conversation from one women to another, without any hard judgment or obligations.

Availability and procedures

To work with us you don't need to be available 24/7. We can discuss the days and times that suit you best, which may even vary from week to week. One of the benefits that our companions experience is the flexibility to determine their own available working hours. Almost all of our companions have another job, or a study besides their work for Upclass International; this makes their life exciting and diverse. Our procedures and way of work will be explained extensively during the finalization of your application. Along the way you can always ask any question to management and ask for shared experiences of other companions, both in the application stage as well as whilst working.

Experience and skills

To start as a high-class companion at Upclass you don't necessarily need experience in this business. In fact, most of our clients appreciate it when a companion is not that experienced. Character, sexiness and style are most important; if you have that to start with, experience will come naturally. Moreover, with us you will learn everything you need to know, such as etiquette, seduction techniques and the total service based on the values of Upclass International. In addition, in the form of our Upclass University, we offer unique personal guidance, which focuses on body and mind and goes beyond just sex work. Here you can work in a modular way on knowledge and skills that are valuable for your life. We are convinced that this will eventually show itself in your escort work as an Upclass International lady.

Our values and how we work

Our values are the foundation of how we treat each other and conduct business at Upclass International.  Most importantly, our integrity is our compass. This means that everyone who has anything to do with Upclass International does business with pure intentions and is sincere and transparent. And further: reliability and discretion, optimal service and absolute professionalism, all with a personal touch and warm; never distant. Read more about us and about the background of the start of my escort agency and my vision; you will then get an even better feel for the quality we always try to offer to our clients and the professional and at the same time warm environment you will be dealing with if you join us.

Your additional Upclass benefits

Our position in the market and way of working offer you many advantages, including:

  • Our promises are now our reputation; ladies and clients have trusted us for 10 years.
  • An enormously loyal regular clientele; a continuous flow of date requests from fine gentlemen and couples.
  • We don't always want more ladies. This is intimate work, where a bond of trust is important and where we like to have personal time to guide you to the best version of yourself. In our experience, this is impossible at an agency with many ladies.
  • Integrity is our compass. For example, we never send face pictures of our ladies to customers, even if they want to pay extra for them. And no facial pictures of our ladies are ever shown on our member page. Moreover, customers cannot just 'buy' a membership but can only be invited after three pleasant dates. As far as we are concerned, commerce will never prevail over discretion. Unfortunately we see this is not the case with other agencies.


Your curiosity and perhaps urge got you here. Now what?

  • From this point it is helpful to think about what you hope to find in working as an escort; what would make it great for you but also: what do you absolutely not want.
  • Don't be blinded by the term 'high class'; look at the entirety of the agency you are considering and try to assess whether it is a top-notch party - not one that happens to rank high in Google or has had some media moments and is now top of mind for consideration.  

  • Is the run-up to the application and the interview itself professional? How do you trust your details and delicate stories with this party and individuals?

  • How is the person you are facing? Look carefully at both the feeling you have with that person (subjective) and the professionalism of him/her and the company (objective).

The procedure


This will make the first selection, so please fill it out with care and attention


In a short conversation we get acquainted informally and go over your casting form


Here we meet in person and will go deeper into you, us and everything involved


If there are more questions from either side we dive into them together

Further information

To process your application at Upclass, the first step is to fill in the casting form. If you have any further questions before filling in the form, please feel free to contact us and ask for Mijanou. By filling in the form and submitting, you will let me now a bit more about yourself so I have a feeling who's applying. The application form will only be viewed by me and will be handled with the upmost discretion. I will contact you within 5 days, from whereon we can see if we can plan a meeting to proceed further in the application procedure.

At any time in the process you are free to ask any questions or share anything you like, and you are not obligated to commit to anything at that stage. 
Hope to talk to you soon and warm regards...

- Mijanou -

Work as high class escort

Casting form


Step 1 out of 3: Personal information

Birth date

Please fill in all required (red) fields. You have to be at least 18 years or older in order to send this form.

All fields are required to be completed in order to send it in successfully.

Stap 2 out of 3: Physical appearance

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Stap 3 out of 3: Getting to know you

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Our clients say

We wanted to make our fantasy, a threesome with a lady, a reality. As an agency, Upclass International appealed the most to us.

We really had a fantastic evening and we are looking forward to a wonderful next booking.

Couple, Utrecht, NL

Upclass is truly focused on their service, the owner is doing a wonderful job making sure everything is arranged as agreed, without being inflexible. Professional as if booking with a 5-star hotel, very welcoming and normalizing these services as such, which gives it a great vibe overall.

Mark, NYC, USA

After my first experience with an Upclass escort, I'm hooked! Thank you Mijanou for matching with Sofia, she is truly an amazing woman.

Anonymous, Marseille, FR

Owner takes her time to advise me, which I appreciate.
Very honest company with sincere ladies. Had four dates until now, I liked Mila best; she has the perfect body for me.

Karl, M√ľnchen, DE

Number one agency in my opinion.

When in Amsterdam I always book with Upclass; best service and most genuine ladies I've experienced so far..

Adam, London, UK

Gentlemen look no further. Booked a date with Sofia last month which turned out to be the best time of my life. Sofia is absolutely stunning and the ultimate GFE. Everything arranged by Mijanou with no hassle and eye for detail. Upclass International is THE escort agency for me.

Anonymous, NYC, USA

I never feel 'treated like a number' at Upclass Int. Mijanou always goes the extra mile to make sure every date is a great experience from matchmaking with the perfect lady, to suggesting restaurants and other activities, including arranging them.


If you are in Amsterdam I highly recommend checking out Upclass International. Ava and Sofia will take great care of you. Together these two were a sight to behold.


What a wonderful date I had with Ava! Really in a class of its own. A fantastic body and a wonderful personality. The lingerie she brought was amazing and accentuated her slim physique perfectly.
Thank you very much for the guidance and especially the right advice! The recommended hotel room also fitted in nicely with the whole.

Thomas, NL

Zoey is warm, energetic, communicative, and patient - truly a gem of a person.

I hope to return soon and repeat my booking, and I will surely referral others as well. 

Anonymous, Palo Alto, CA