Our credo is being professional, with a personal touch. That comes with being in contact with each other in a warm and welcoming way. Something that over ten years has evolved from being our promise to being our reputation. Please know that we handle all communication with the highest level of discretion. On top of that, all our incoming and outgoing communication is directly with us, without external parties or technology in between such as call centers, digital phone menus or customer service apps.


We respond to e-mails and phone calls or submitted booking forms and casting forms. We do not answer inquiries via text messages or messaging apps, nor do we answer anonymous calls. For work as an Upclass lady, filling in the online casting form is the only way for us to process your casting. For bookings or inquiries, filling in the online booking form or sending an e-mail is the easiest and our preferred way to get in touch, also for last-minute requests. That being said, feel welcome to give us a call and talk.


Daily from 10.00 till 22.00 CET


1 January | 27 April | 25 & 26 December | 31 December


The stated opening hours illustrate the time in which our office is reachable by e-mail and phone, and in which you can contact us and expect response. Planned dates can always start, end, and take place outside the mentioned office opening hours. In that respect we are operational any time any place.


Unique permit numbers:
2019- 04083


Although escort services are legalized in The Netherlands, it officially may not be facilitated by just anyone or any company; a registration and permit is necessary. If you see our permit or name used anywhere else than on our own website, please contact us so we can take appropriate action.

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We understand that our services speak to the imagination and can be an interesting topic to write or learn about. In our almost 10 years of existence as Upclass International we’ve collected a lot of experience and knowledge about everything on the spectrum of our working field, ranging from hospitality and high-quality service to dating and intimacy. We are always open to answer questions, explain our services and the business aspects, consider partnerships, and work with you on features in the media. Please send an email with your questions or ideas and we will contact you to discuss things further.