Here you find an overview of the most common questioned about our services. If you have any questions who are not answered here, please do not hesitate to contact us to. elaborate.

Our services

Which services do the companions provide?

Our ladies aren't labeled high-class for nothing. They provide company, entertainment, conversation, relaxation and sexual services. Think of enjoying some fine dining, ending in your hotel room with a good bottle of champagne, take a bath, receiving a sensual massage and ending up in the bedroom with steaming sex. All our companions provide sexual services consisting of kissing, giving (with condom) and receiving oral massages and having intercourse (with condom). Some companions are specialized in certain elements, such as a Taoist Erotic Massage, deep- throat oral massage, striptease, A-levels or dominance. This is listed on their profile information.

Which services aren't provided by the companions?

Services involving unsafe sex practices (unprotected vaginal or anal intercourse, unprotected oral massage and 'come in mouth'), or services of an illegal nature are not provided by Upclass International or any of our companions.

What if I want changes to the agreed services, during the appointment with the companion?

In case you would like to extend your appointment during your date, please let your companion know and she will inform us. If the extension is decided within the first hour of the appointment, the discounted prices on the website apply, otherwise the standard hourly rate of EUR. 300,- applies.
In case you would like to have extra services during your appointment, such as kinky extras, you explain your wishes to your companion, if she agrees she will contact us to inform us. If she doesn't agree, your request for the extra services is rejected and may not be forced upon her to agree with or to carry out.
Payments for extra hours or services should be made preferably immediately, or at the ending of the appointment at the latest. If payment for the extra hours or services can't be arranged during the appointment, the extra hours or services will not be provided.

May I have contact with the companions directly?

No. The ladies have made a clear choice and made agreements to have all communication run through our agency. In this way, both you and the ladies are assured of discretion and professionalism.

To avoid disappointment, it is also not desirable to discuss specific availability with your lady for a possible next date. We manage the agenda for availability of the ladies and perhaps in the meantime a request has been honored in her agenda that the lady does not yet know about. She can therefore never communicate a fully guaranteed availability on the spot during your date.

We want to emphasize that you do not ask our ladies to meet you without our mediation; this is perceived as disrespectful towards both our ladies and our agency. If you want direct contact with escort ladies, there are numerous websites you can go to, from Reddit and Marktplaats to Kinky.nl. However, you have come to us because you desire and expect a certain level and cherish that experience. The quality we offer is no coincidence; it is a result of our effort in, among other things, countless hours of casting rounds, personal conversations, continuous guidance and development, photo shoots, styling tips and checks and sexual education. Moreover, it is our specialization as an intermediary agency to guarantee the quality of the services and to handle the planning, facilitating bookings and appointments with you as a customer, including all communication that goes with it. This is manageable and works efficiently and has been a clear choice of the lady to work together through this construction. We therefore ask you to only contact our agency directly. Ladies will always report to us any attempt to contact them directly or to date outside of Upclass International. It is reason for us not to facilitate you in the future and to cancel your membership if you are a member of the UpClub.


How do I make a booking?

  • Look at the profiles of our ladies to choose your favorite lady. If you have any questions or need advice, we're happy to help!
  • Make a reservation for booking preferably by filling in the online booking form or by email. You can also call us on +316 441 77 864.
  • We will check the availability of your lady and any special requests you may have.
  • We will respond as soon as possible to review and confirm details of the booking or discuss alternatives. If it concerns a date that due to take place on the same day, you will receive an answer within a maximum of 45 minutes.

How far in advance do I need to make a booking?

All our companions enjoy a busy daily life; thus availability may be limited at certain times. Therefor we recommend booking at least a couple of days in advance. This also gives your companion time to prepare and have something nice to look forward to.
Nevertheless, you can always try to see if someone is available, even if your request is last minute. For last minute requests you can also reach us by email; we see it immediately and get to work with it.

How does everything work with international bookings?

The process of making a booking remains the same. Some extra rules and expectations apply to international bookings. For a booking that will take place outside the Netherlands, the minimum duration of the date must be equal to the total travel time that the lady has, and should be made at least 24 hours in advance (Europe) or 48 hours (rest of the world). We will judge the destination based on general travelling advice, safety of the destination, experiences with the destination and in consultation with the requested companion. After communicating positive judgement of the destination and the travel costs, we require a deposit paid via bank transfer, of the amount of 50% of the booking hours and 100% of the travel costs, to finalize the booking.

During the international booking, the companion needs to:

  • be able to be contacted by us at all time,
  • have at least 3 full meals per day paid for by you,
  • call Upclass International HQ at least once per day, for which privacy and opportunity will be provided,
  • receive at least 2 hours of private time per day in case the duration of a booking is longer than 24 hours,
  • receive the opportunity to have at least 6 hours of sleep per day, in case the duration of a booking is longer than 24 hours.

What is the cancelation policy?

Please read our terms and conditions here, including the cancelation policy.

What if my companion is not what I expected her to be at arrival?

All profiles and photos on our website are real, accurate and truthful, however we understand it's possible that you just don't feel a 'click' with the companion of your choice. Therefor you may let us know within the first 10 minutes of your appointment, so a realistic suitable solution can be arranged. Please read our full policy on this here.


What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash (Euros, US Dollars, British Pounds), bank transfers (processing time of 3 working days for non-Dutch accounts), bank cards (PIN) and credit cards (Visa, Mastercard). All bookings are payable directly to Upclass International in advance, or to your lady at the start of your appointment. Payments are never registered under the name of our agency.

What is included in the rates?

All rates include 21% VAT.

The rates include the companionship and intimacy of our Upclass ladies at a remote location. Services that fall outside this are extra services from the lady such as kinky extras (e.g. A-level), an appointment with a couple / several people and travel costs to locations outside Amsterdam.

When payment is made via credit card or PayPal, a surcharge of 5% of the total amount applies.

If the mobile payment machine must be present at the location of the date for a PIN or credit card transaction, instead of a remote transaction, a surcharge of EUR 50,- will apply.

What about travel expenses?

We aim for the rates to be uniform, clear and without surprises. That is why we have fixed rates for a number of common cities and if the location for your date is not in those common cities, a rate of EUR. 0.50 per km, calculated from Amsterdam applies. For international bookings, the travel costs depend on the details of the booking, so that a final price will be discussed with you in consultation.

Are the rates negotiable?

No, none of the rates or specific elements of the rates are negotiable. The services of Upclass International aren't granted to everyone. That is not our ambition. We wish to provide you with services of the highest standards in this industry, while being a fully legal, tax paying company. This comes with a certain price that we expect you to respect.

Expectations of me as a client

Making a booking

We expect you to make a booking online or by telephone only if you are truly intending to follow up on the agreements. We carry out our business professionally and expect our contacts to act the same. Not showing up at the time of the appointment, trying to avoid payment, or intentionally sabotaging our services are tricks we do not appreciate, to say the least. Measures will be taken when we notice or conclude these things, with the consequences of that being for you.

During a date

When making a booking you agree with our general terms and conditions, shown on our website. We expect you to be aware of the rules and expectations expressed in those terms, regarding the period before, during and after your date. Essentially our expectations in a nutshell: respect for the companions and for our agency. Besides that, we expect you to have a wonderful time ofcourse! Also check out our page Your First Upclass Date, for a detailed description of what a (first) date can look like with us.

After a date

When a date is finished, we naturally hope above everything that you can look back on a wonderful time and that we have lived up to your expectations; preferably we outdid them! We would love to hear your feedback, either positive or negative or anything in between.