Upclass International on the radio

Radiostation FunX has a very nice item with her program WorkX, to dive into jobs that deviate from the norm. Doorkeepers, gogo- dancers, and now also the work of a high class escort at Upclass International.

Our fabulous Lois let reporter Charissa accompany her during her preparation for a date. In addition, Lois answered questions in the FunX studio about her work at Upclass. Below you can find the highlights...

"In my own life I usually don't have that much excitement. Sexually I'm naturally quite experimental and that's why I started doing this."

"I have an alterego, but I do stay myself."

"If my friends ask me what I did this weekend, I say I spent a night at the sofa. When in reality I had a fantastic luxurious night."

What's in her bag and how does she prepare?

On her way to the client...nervous?