Season 2 Meisje van plezier & Upclass

After a very successful first season of the series Meisje van Plezier ('girl of pleasure'), the second season is now fully open to view on Videoland and soon on RTL4 as well. This second season we again helped from our Upclass perspective...

Just like season one, Upclass exclusively joined the writer's team to provide input. In season one it was essential to introduce to world of high class escorting to the creator of the series Halina Rijn, and to lead actress Angela Schijf, by having sessions with owner of Upclass International, Mijanou and with one of our Upclass ladies.

In season two the story takes a different turn and Nadine, played by Angela Schijf, starts her own high class escort agency and has three major challenges; all the fuzz around starting the company, combining her entrepreneurship with her family life, and a sabotaging competitor in the shape of lady Meryem, played by Brigit Schuurman.

Upclass International founder and owner Mijanou shared her experiences of starting Upclass in the very beginning. Some situations are one on one taken into the screenplay, sometimes even literally which of course is strange and funny to see all of a sudden... Most of it however has been romanticized and dramatized, naturally as this is a commercial show and not a documentary so it all needs to be captured on screen in an exciting way...
So, when watching don't take everything too seriously, although there are some parts that indeed are accurate and based on Mijanou's input. Maybe you can guess the true and the fiction parts ;)

Enjoy watching!