Upclass International Reviews

Upclass International reviews by other clients might be hard to find. Perhaps this is because Upclass International reviews are really intimate and as personal as it can get, and people do not have the need to share their experience with others. Or clients might even be afraid of responses or what other might think of them. Of course there still is a taboo on sharing your experiences with erotic services in general, or an Upclass International review in particular. We thought that it would be at least nice to put some snippits from reviews Upclass International has received as feedback, on the bottom of the pages on our website. Every once in a while we add new feedback here, after permission of the particular client of course.

From the moment Upclass International started, we have made it our mission to create unforgettable dates with exceptional ladies for gentlemen and couples, in a way our clientele experiences as unprecedented. Our way to do this is stylish, professional and with a personal touch. We are very happy to see that the thread running through the feedback we receive, is in line with our ambition. In the past years we have been able to proof that the positive Upclass International reviews and experiences are not outliers, but simply the standard. Yet, especially in the beginning others looked sideways at what we were doing, and now other agencies try to follow us in our way of working. We are doing everything we can to stay ahead, and your feedback on your experience with us as an escort agency, and our escort ladies, is essential in doing so.

Don't be shy to share your Upclass International review with us and with others, even though it might feel a bit private and intimate. Shame and restraint should not be leading; believe us when we say we are not easily shocked, and moreover it is about time that society is confronted a bit more with so called taboos that actually already are common.

Our clients say

We wanted to make our fantasy, a threesome with a lady, a reality. As an agency, Upclass International appealed the most to us.

We really had a fantastic evening and we are looking forward to a wonderful next booking.

Couple, Utrecht, NL

Upclass is truly focused on their service, the owner is doing a wonderful job making sure everything is arranged as agreed, without being inflexible. Professional as if booking with a 5-star hotel, very welcoming and normalizing these services as such, which gives it a great vibe overall.

Mark, NYC, USA

After my first experience with an Upclass escort, I'm hooked! Thank you Mijanou for matching with Sofia, she is truly an amazing woman.

Anonymous, Marseille, FR

Owner takes her time to advise me, which I appreciate.
Very honest company with sincere ladies. Had four dates until now, I liked Mila best; she has the perfect body for me.

Karl, M√ľnchen, DE

Number one agency in my opinion.

When in Amsterdam I always book with Upclass; best service and most genuine ladies I've experienced so far..

Adam, London, UK

Gentlemen look no further. Booked a date with Sofia last month which turned out to be the best time of my life. Sofia is absolutely stunning and the ultimate GFE. Everything arranged by Mijanou with no hassle and eye for detail. Upclass International is THE escort agency for me.

Anonymous, NYC, USA

I never feel 'treated like a number' at Upclass Int. Mijanou always goes the extra mile to make sure every date is a great experience from matchmaking with the perfect lady, to suggesting restaurants and other activities, including arranging them.


If you are in Amsterdam I highly recommend checking out Upclass International. Ava and Sofia will take great care of you. Together these two were a sight to behold.


What a wonderful date I had with Ava! Really in a class of its own. A fantastic body and a wonderful personality. The lingerie she brought was amazing and accentuated her slim physique perfectly.
Thank you very much for the guidance and especially the right advice! The recommended hotel room also fitted in nicely with the whole.

Thomas, NL

Zoey is warm, energetic, communicative, and patient - truly a gem of a person.

I hope to return soon and repeat my booking, and I will surely referral others as well. 

Anonymous, Palo Alto, CA