Welcome to our new website!


The run-up was long, but the joy is perhaps even greater: the new website has been online since today. And not only that; the logo has been redesigned, the whole branding is in the new style.

I am convinced that we have once again raised the bar an incredible amount, just as we did 7 years ago with the 'old' site. We had been less satisfied with the branding and overall look for a while; it felt a bit dated, not next level, not leading anymore. While that is what we stand for. That is why there was work to be done to make everything better again, a look that will stand the test of time, but while retaining the well-known warm Upclass feeling. That started with the logo. From there, the new style developed and we naturally arrived at a magazine-like' look. With more attention to the profiles of the ladies and their beautiful photos, a more open structure and extra clear information. Our way of working and the feeling that we give in everything we do, of course remain unchanged!

We will continue to fine-tune the design and content in the coming period, so changes will undoubtedly follow.
I'm curious what you think; all feedback helps!

With warm regards,