Upclass contribution to tv-series 'Meisje Van Plezier'

Upclass contributed to the fantastic new series Meisje Van Plezier (Lady of Pleasure), on national broadcasting channel RTL4 and on-demand service Videoland, about a house wife who decides to radically change her life after her husband tells her about his affaire.

Meisje van Plezier is about Nadine, who's marriage with Remco looks just fine: he takes care of making a living, she takes care of their 3 children. They are happily living their lifes... Until Remco confesses his affaire with Nadine's half-sister, and leaves. Nadine is devastated. But behind her tears is a fire burning; she wants to fight for her independence and radically changes her life. She becomes an high class escort.

Upclass had the opportunity to contribute to this series, and we are proud to have our name on the credits! We were approached by the creator of the script, renowned actress Halina Rejin, to give input from the perspective of the high class escort world. And what a blast it was to do so! Me (owner Mijanou) spoke multiple times to Halina, actress Angela Schijf who plays Nadine, and writers of the series. How do things work in this world filled with prejudges that at the same time intrigues so many people? What are the experiences from an owner of an agency on the highest level, how are the ladies, what type of customers are there... We talked for hours, but also rewrote some dialogues and exchanged ideas for scenes. The great thing about this was that everyone who was involved was feeling open to this world, without judging anything. Also Angela Schijf had a long talk with one of our high class ladies to understand the 'nitty gritty' parts of being a true high class companion, as preparation for her role as Nadine. What's inside an escort's bag, which stockings are suitable, how do you move, dress and carry yourself, why do you do this, etc.

We got to know Halina and Angela as amazing persons. Halina's enthusiasm is a challenge to keep up with! And Angela, as sweet as she is in real life, can be such a true femme fatale even to her own surprise. Incredibly beautiful ladies with engaging and charming personalities. It was our pleasure to be involved with this project. 

Check here for Angela on RTL Late Night explaining about her new role, including how she prepared with Upclass.

We hope that not only it's very entertaining, but also breaks down some of the taboo around the high class escort world, by getting the big platform of RTL and Videoland and having the famous Dutch actors involved. Meisje Van Plezier starts from 10 September and airs on RTL4 at 21.30 on Sundays, or on-demand on Videoland.

PS: Halina and Angela; you are both more than welcome to fill in our casting form; the excitement fits you both like a glove I think ;)